CAT Alliance Ltd. provides strategic and technical support and advice in environmental, engineering, and related areas to clients around the world in relation to a broad range of industry sectors. We offer the combination of local skilled professionals with understanding of in-country regulations through a core team of project managers who are experienced in the complexities and specific requirements of business focused projects.

CAT Alliance Ltd. routinely evaluates environmental and other risks and liabilities for clients in these sectors:

Private Equity and Financial

For more than 20 years, CAT Alliance Ltd. has provided services related to mergers and acquisitions to private equity and financial sector clients. We provide environmental and other due diligence support worldwide and also support EHS compliance evaluation, environmental social governance (ESG) evaluation, market studies, and other expert analyses to support these clients in their fast-paced decisions. CAT Alliance Ltd. professionals understand the deal context and requirements and work to deliver the timely, high quality advice that has resulted in many recurrent client relationships.

Law Firms

As an outgrowth of the technical expertise and reputation of its senior practitioners, CAT Alliance Ltd. has become a trusted technical resource to leading law firms. We provide the specialized expertise necessary for lawyers to counsel their clients and advocate for clients engaged in transactions and other complex deals. CAT Alliance Ltd. offers impressive qualifications and capabilities to address the most challenging problems and to quickly grasp the scope and nuances of key issues and develop sound, defensible technical advice for our clients. Our professionals have been extensively involved in the development of current regulations and technical guidance and are on the cutting edge of technological and regulatory advances.

Real Estate

CAT Alliance Ltd. provides support to real estate clients in connection with their property transactions. We focus on uncovering technical and environmental risks and enable our clients to understand these risks in terms of potential financial impacts to their specific transactions. Our long-term relationships with real estate clients are built upon their trust that CAT Alliance Ltd. will perform due diligence around the world on short notice, according to international guidelines, and with the discretion and business focus required for these often sensitive deals.

For our clients, CAT Alliance Ltd. has evaluated thousands of sites and projects related to a wide variety of industry sectors, including but not limited to:

Multinational Industry

CAT Alliance Ltd. supports a wide variety of multinational industrial clients as they evaluate the environmental and other risks associated with transactions and major projects. We are trusted to provide this support to many of the largest companies in the world. CAT Alliance Ltd. can bring the full expertise with the nature of their operations and risk drivers to inform their multifaceted business decisions.

Chemicals and Petrochemicals

CAT Alliance Ltd. provides the chemicals/petrochemicals manufacturing and refining industry with environmental and other due diligence and strategic management services to support the resolution of complex projects issues. Whether a portfolio contains operating facilities, retained liabilities, or potential properties to be transferred or redeveloped, we develop creative, cost-effective programs to assess a diverse suite of environmental, engineering, and commercial risks. Our practitioners have significant experience with assessing and remediating the environmental soil, groundwater, and sediment impacts sometimes associated with legacy sites and can apply this knowledge to effectively handicap the likely financial impacts of these risks. CAT Alliance Ltd. has a working knowledge of the environmental regulations faced by this industry around the world.

Energy Production and Transmission

CAT Alliance Ltd. brings worldwide expertise working with the electric power industry and in assisting it as it faces numerous regulatory and market challenges. Shifts in fuels, increasing pressures by the public and environmental advocacy groups, regulatory changes for air, water, and combustion byproducts, and high-profile events such as the tsunami that struck Fukushima, Japan, are reshaping plans and decisions for producing and delivering electricity. CAT Alliance Ltd. assists our electric power industry clients as they evaluate transactions, major projects, and other business decisions related to new, operating, and retiring facilities and assets. Our expertise is widely recognized and sought by power producers and industry organizations.

Food, Drink, and Pharmaceuticals

CAT Alliance Ltd. is a leading provider of environmental and other due diligence advisory services to multinational food, drink, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. We know that strict compliance in these highly regulated industries is essential for our clients to maintain excellent public relations and a reputation for social responsibility and environmental stewardship. We develop and implement strategic assessment and compliance-related solutions for both operational facilities and closed properties, routinely managing the challenges associated with complex waste streams and constituents that are not typical of other manufacturing operations.


CAT Alliance Ltd. provides environmental and other due diligence support for strategic asset management and resolution of complex environmental issues for diversified manufacturers. While diversified manufacturers may have multiple business units involved in the development, manufacture, shipping, maintenance, and marketing of hundreds of products, the environmental challenges have many common elements associated with property transfers, environmental compliance, and legacy site management. CAT Alliance Ltd. is particularly adept at understanding environmental plans and programs across each business unit, U.S., Canadian, and European Union regulatory standards, and a diverse geography. We routinely work with manufacturers that have product line portfolios associated with electricity generation, transportation, medical equipment, electronics, chemicals and plastics, appliances, and paper products. We offer creative diligence and compliance solutions that enable our clients to identify, quantify, prioritize, and manage the environmental risks associated with ongoing operations and idle properties.

Waste Handling and Disposal

CAT Alliance Ltd. brings professionals with leading global expertise in assisting both public and private sector clients in the solid waste management industry with the permitting, design, construction management, and closure of landfills, leachate and gas management systems, and waste transfer stations. We have supported evaluations at more than 500 facilities operating under a broad range of site, operational, and regulatory settings and routinely support clients evaluating these complex sites in the context of transactions and business decisions.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Roads, railways, ports, and airports are key components of transport infrastructure that are seeing broad expansion and revitalization around the world. CAT Alliance Ltd. serves clients focusing on evaluating transactions and major projects associated with transportation and infrastructure. We bring professionals with a unique combination of environmental, engineering, and commercial expertise, including economists, planners and environmental specialists, to support the most complex transactions and business decisions. CAT Alliance Ltd. helps clients achieve optimal solutions that balance construction and operational costs as well as limit social, environmental, and climate impacts.