Ron Arcuri, P.G., is a senior consultant based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States. He brings 22 years of global consulting experience with a focus on helping clients to identify and mitigate business risks associated with environmental, health & safety (EHS) conditions, practices and regulations. He also has notable experience in the evaluation of environmental issues at complex sites in the context of litigation; regulatory negotiation; portfolio analysis and management, and environmental due diligence associated with mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions.

Having lived and worked in eight locations across North America and the Asia Pacific Region, Ron has led project teams on six continents for clients in a broad spectrum of sectors including manufacturing, petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, rail transport, legal, finance, government, and power generation. His expertise includes over 17 years of leading complex projects and programs involving the assessment, remediation, transfer or closure of contaminated industrial property. He is also experienced in estimating environmental conditions and quantifying the scope and cost of potential remedial scenarios, and in developing and leading engagement strategies with stakeholder groups and regulators.


Office: +1 412 275 8004
Mobile: +1 724 719 8781
E-mail: rarcuri@cat-alliance.comm

Selected References

Multi-State and International Due Diligence Programs: Served as Project Director for numerous large-scale due diligence programs involving both preliminary and detailed site assessment. These commonly involved coordination of field teams, regulatory specialists and reporting preparation teams across state and country borders on tight, inflexible timelines.

Environmental Program Management: Managed a team over a five-year period performing a multi-disciplinary program of work at a petroleum refinery. The scope included compliance with a cleanup order issued by local regulators, providing advice and support for multi-media permitting requirements and environmental support and planning for capital projects within the refinery. As part of the cleanup order, a comprehensive site characterization was completed, and remedial and management actions implemented to meet both regulatory requirements and the expectations of other affected stakeholders.

Multi-National Due Diligence and EHS Compliance Program: Serve as project manager assisting a multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer in vendor and purchaser due diligence, facility decommissioning, post-merger support, and environmental compliance. The projects are contracted and managed local to the client, and delivered globally through the CAT Alliance using in-country resources. The allows for ease of contracting for our client, as well as a single point-of-contact with a thorough understanding of their needs and objectives, who can provide reports and other deliverables of a consistent nature.

Fueling Infrastructure Replacement Program: Served as Project Director providing environmental support on an infrastructure replacement program for a multi-national energy company across New Zealand. The scope of the program included coordination with the engineering group regarding the schedule of site work, providing environmental oversight and sample collection during the removal and replacement of the site fueling infrastructure, preparing investigation reports for the Ministry for the Environment and advising the client on remedial actions (where required).

Superfund Site Investigation and Remedial Action Planning: Completed a comprehensive remedial investigation and remedial options selection at a former waste disposal facility in Texas. This investigation included a combination of traditional and dynamic work strategies and utilized a myriad of in situ measurement tools to delineate multiple plumes across three water-bearing zones extending beneath off-site properties. Detailed geotechnical and stratigraphic information was also documented to support the feasibility assessment and remedy design.

LNAPL Mobility and Recoverability Assessment: Completed a detailed LNAPL mobility/recoverability assessment of a site with multiple source areas, including some off-site sources, contributing to 14 separate LNAPL and dissolved phase plumes. The evaluation included assembly of a collaborative data set and modelling to document plume characteristics. The results were used to prepare Remedial Action Plans tailored to the risk profile developed for each plume area.

Brownfield Site Redevelopment: Led a project team which completed a comprehensive site characterization and risk assessment to define numerous soil and groundwater contaminant plumes and their associated risks to human health and the environment. Work was conducted concurrently as the site was being redeveloped for mixed residential/commercial land use and the client was defending multiple legal claims from off-site affected property owners.