Mark Johnson is a Principal based in the Columbia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. areas in the United States. He has over 23 years of experience in site assessment, investigation, and remediation consulting. He has conducted and managed hundreds of Phase I and Phase II site assessments and compliance audits at industrial, manufacturing, and commercial facilities throughout the eastern and central United States, and internationally in Canada, Latin America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

As part of his practice, he assists industrial, commercial, and attorney clients in evaluating potential future environmental remediation requirements and costs associated with industrial facilities as part of due diligence and related transaction support, as well as for insurance clients in evaluation of cost recovery claims. Mr. Johnson has led numerous investigation and remedial projects under a variety of state-lead enforcement programs including underground storage tank and voluntary cleanup programs. He has designed and implemented various remedial technologies, including enhanced aerobic bioremediation, soil excavation, soil vapor extraction, dual-phase extraction, and in situ chemical oxidation.

Throughout his career, Mr. Johnson has been engaged at multiple national and international consulting firms performing commercial due diligence and liability evaluations prior to and during corporate transactions. He has completed or managed hundreds of Phase I and II ESAs in accordance with ASTM E11527-13 (and prior versions). Representative sites have included: waste management facilities, refineries, paperboard equipment manufacturing facilities; printing shops; injection molded plastic component manufacturers; heat treating facilities; liquid asphalt bulk storage terminals; bulk heating oil storage and distribution facilities; kitchen cabinet manufacturers; a former pipe fabrication facility; a vehicle transmission and axle assembly facility; a used electrical transformer storage and decontamination facility; a former tannery; a dairy beverage packaging plant; a hardwood lumber flooring manufacturer; port facilities (RO/RO cargo); hotels; health care facilities and multi-story office and commercial buildings.


Office: +1-410-381-4333

Selected References

Buyer Due Diligence, Confidential waste industry client. Project Manager for a portfolio acquisition of an industrial pump and containment solutions vendor. The acquisition included the completion of Phase I ESAs at over 45 sites in the US and Canada, and over 15 sites throughout the United Kingdom and European Union. All site visits were completed over a three-day period and the executive summary report for all sites was delivered to the client within one week of authorization.

Buyer Due Diligence, Confidential Multinational Client. Project Manager for acquisition due diligence of a steel product manufacturing facility located in Colombia, South America. Activities included Phase II investigation of soil and groundwater conditions. The project was supported by Geosyntec’s CAT Alliance partner in Colombia. At the client’s request, the reporting was translated by Geosyntec with the provision of a report in Spanish.

International Environmental Due Diligence and Compliance Support, Global Manufacturing Client – Supported multiple projects triggered by acquisitions and divestitures in South Korea, India, The Netherlands, France, Australia, and China.

Environmental Liability Valuation Litigation Support Project, Confidential Global Industrial Client. Senior Engineer for multi-year litigation support project involving the evaluation and valuation of potential environmental remediation liabilities associated with a portfolio of more than 2,000 formerly owned sites. Coordination of research tasks including identifying historical environmental documents from a document production catalogue of over 2 million documents; provided review of documents for populations of common sites, and in evaluation of the expected value of the cost of future remedial scenarios, and coordinated maintenance of project document repository, interacting with multiple law firms and testifying expert teams.

Environmental Liability Valuation Litigation Support Project, Confidential Petroleum Industry Client. Senior Engineer providing costing support as part of a litigation matter. Responsibilities included developing remedial cost estimates for petroleum-contaminated retail service stations based on the conceptual site model developed by the project Hydrogeologist. The remedial cost estimates were developed using a blend of site-specific information (e.g. vendor quotes) as well as cost estimating software, e.g. Remedial Action Cost Engineering Requirements (RACER™). The cost estimates were prepared for inclusion in an expert’s report of findings and testimony.