Parcom Ventures


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Environmental due diligence for KBC Private Equity NV, Aveve Group, and Parcom Ventures
Pre-acquisition due diligence on behalf of KBC Private Equity NV, Aveve Group, Parcom Ventures, the equity and venture capital provider of the ING Group NV, and Janivo Holding, connection with the acquisition of Q-Bakeries Belgium NV, a Belgian bakery group specialising in fresh bread and pastries.

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CAT Alliance Ltd. is an international business consultancy, supporting global transactions and other corporate assessments of environmental, engineering, and other risks services from Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Meeting the challenges of business in the current financial climate requires a responsive and technically grounded approach focused on the needs of your organization.

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The following individuals represent the CAT Alliance Ltd. Management Group.  Please contact any one of them for more information about your project:

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