Sebastian Katsch

Sebastian Katsch

Educated as a geologist at the Technical University of Aachen, Germany, Sebastian Katsch is a senior project manager and consultant with more than 16 years of experience with expertise in Environmental, Health, and Safety Due Diligence Auditing (Compliance and Liability Assessments), Contaminated Site Assessment (soil and groundwater characterization) and remediation on industrial sites in Germany and other European countries. Sebastian Katsch is the Director of the Tauw Transaction Services Department.

Sebastian advises investment banks, private equity firms and industrial enterprises in the context of national and international projects. He focuses on the assessment of environmental liability risks (Environmental Due Diligence and Compliance Assessments, evaluation and risk analysis of subsoil contamination and building contaminants) as well as on the assessment of soil, soil vapour and groundwater contamination.

He was project manager of assessment of commercial and industrial estates in Chile, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Rumania, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Sweden, and South Korea.


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Selected references

Phase I Environmental Due Diligence: Project manager for single or multiple sites portfolios (e.g. former production sites redeveloped for commercial businesses, retail stores, shopping centres & other commercial premises, and multi-site residential premises and living apartments)

EH&S Compliance Audits: Project manager and senior auditor for industrial sites involved in the industrial sectors such as automotive sector, food, chemical, plastic, and chemical industry.

Phase II investigations: Project Manager for the development, coordination and evaluation of soil, soil gas and groundwater surveys of various locations and industrial properties in Germany with varying commercial and industrial history, in order to evaluate associated liabilities with view to planned transactions. Investigated sites have included, e.g.:metal processing companies, paper packaging industries, plastic production facility, food processing industry, machine and tool manufacturing and processing companies, facilities of the beverage industry

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