Michael Berman

Michael Berman

Michael Berman, PE, CHMM, is a principal engineer, based in the Washington, D.C. area in the United States.  He brings 20 years of experience in the consulting field with a focus on environmental liability management. Mike is a key practitioner within Geosyntec's Capital, Assets & Transactions Advisory. He has notable experience in the evaluation of environmental and related issues at complex sites in the context of litigation; insurance negotiations and cost recovery; financial reporting; portfolio analysis and management, and environmental due diligence associated with mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions.

Mike has established a robust practice focused on environmental liability valuation (ELV) services. He frequently provides his industry insight to advise his clients' in their vital business decisions and to provide expert testimony.

Mike has assessed thousands of sites across the United States and in Canada, Latin America, and Europe. His broad range of clients includes law firms, private equity, petroleum and petrochemical producers; mine and railroad operators; electric utilities; industrial and consumer product manufacturers; pulp and paper companies; and commercial municipal waste disposal companies.

He develops customized financial and costing models and specialized presentations for attorneys, commercial, and industrial clients on best practices common to liability management.

Mike continues to advance the state of the practice by co-authoring U.S. EPA and other guidance documents on the topics of cost estimating, financial reporting, remediation technologies, and emerging contaminants.


Office: +1 202 753 5005
Mobile: +1 240 498 2533
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Selected references

Environmental Liability Valuation Litigation Support Project: Confidential Global Industrial Client.  Project Manager and Consulting Expert for multi-year litigation support project involving the evaluation and valuation of potential environmental remediation liabilities associated with a portfolio of more than 2,000 formerly owned sites.

Environmental Cost Estimating Litigation, Washington Nationals Ballpark: Washington, D.C. Consulting and Testifying Expert providing technical analysis and expert opinion regarding environmental remediation cost estimates conducted for property taken via eminent domain proceedings.

Insurance Cost Recovery: Confidential Client.  Project Manager supporting insurance settlement negotiations pertaining to historic comprehensive general liability (CGL) coverage for a portfolio of electrical equipment manufacturing sites in the Midwest and Gulf Coast U.S.

Environmental Costing Methodology Expert Support: Superfund Site, California. Presumed testifying expert for matter related to recovery of past and potential future remediation costs for a large groundwater remediation project.

Fair Value Evaluation: Nationwide Waste Services Client. Senior Advisor on project involving developing estimate of fair value of environmental remediation liabilities for a portfolio of more than 40 waste management and third-party sites involved in a corporate merger.

Insurance Recovery Project: Confidential Mining Company, Southwest U.S. Project Manager to quantify the overall potential environmental liability relative to historic insurance coverage at the client's portfolio of active and previously owned/operated mine sites, processing operations (smelters), and manufacturing operations, as well as numerous Superfund and other third-party sites at which the client was included as a PRP.

Permitting Support for Coal Stockpile Expansion: Baltimore, Maryland. Supported client's expansion of coal stockpile at a marine terminal within the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area.

Property Redevelopment: Former Rail Yard, Crescent Resources, Arlington, Virginia. Project Manager for comprehensive environmental support during infrastructure construction and due diligence investigations by potential buyers.

Buyer Environmental Due Diligence: Soda Ash Manufacturing Facilities, Confidential Client, France. Staff Engineer for the completion of a buyer's environmental due diligence investigation of manufacturing facilities consisting of a limestone quarry, brine solution mining operation, and manufacturing plant.

Insurance Recovery Project: Confidential Paper Company. Project Manager for a project to support stated environmental reserve estimates for a portfolio of more than one hundred paper mills, saw mills, wood treatment plants, manufacturing sites, and third-party liability/Superfund sites.

Property Purchase Due Diligence: Food Services Packaging Facility, Maryland.

Technical Committee Representation: 68th Street Superfund Site, Baltimore, Maryland. Client representative on PRP group Technical Committee.

Due Diligence for Potential Cell Tower Sites: Confidential Telecommunications Company, Mississippi.

Environmental Cost Cap Insurance Evaluation: Confidential Petroleum Company, Various States. Project Manager for project for an environmental insurance broker to evaluate and estimate the future cost of potential remedial scenarios at the client's portfolio of refineries and bulk fuel terminals.

Insurance Recovery Project: Confidential Electric Utility, Mid-Atlantic U.S. Project Manager to quantify the overall potential environmental liability relative to historic insurance coverage at the client's portfolio of several hundred substations and service centers, as well as at historic manufactured gas plant properties.

Insurance Recovery Project: Confidential Petroleum Company. Project Manager to quantify the overall potential environmental liability relative to available insurance coverage at the client's portfolio of more than 1,000 active and previously owned/operated refineries, mining sites, transportation systems, terminals, packaging plants, and service stations, as well as numerous Superfund and other third-party.

Insurance Recovery Project: Confidential Electric Utility Client, Mid-Atlantic U.S. Senior Engineer for remediation cost estimating support and technical review during the preparation of a report that quantified past and potential future environmental cost liabilities for a portfolio of electric utility sites including power plants, substations, service centers, ash disposal sites, and former manufactured gas plant sites in the Mid-Atlantic U.S.

Insurance Recovery Project: Confidential Electronics Manufacturer. Senior Engineer to develop remedial designs for multiple sites owned by a home appliance manufacturing company. 

Insurance Recovery Project: Confidential Railroad Client, Midwest U.S. Senior Engineer to provide remediation cost estimating support and technical review during the preparation of a report that quantified past and potential future environmental cost liabilities for a portfolio of historic railroad industry sites in the central U.S.

Insurance Recovery Project: Confidential Petroleum Company. Senior Engineer for preparation of reports that described historic environmental conditions and the expected future remedial approach; estimated future remedial costs for client's portfolio of manufacturing and miscellaneous sites.

Insurance Recovery Project: Multinational Chemical Company. Engineer for a project to quantify the overall potential environmental liability relative to historic insurance coverage at a subset of the client's portfolio of active and previously chemical manufacturing facilities located in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.

Commercial Property Phase I Environmental Site Assessments: Various Commercial Properties, Chemical Bank, New York.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for Electronics Manufacturing Facility: Law Firm, Long Island, NY.

Multimedia Compliance Audit: Electronic Parts Manufacturing Plant, Confidential Client, Long Island, New York. Staff Engineer for internal audits of all facility operations, including metal machining, parts washing, electroplating, and extrusion molding, relative to applicable chemical storage, hazardous waste management, wastewater treatment, storm water management, air emissions, and environmental health & safety regulations.

Multimedia Compliance Audit: Rucco Polymer, Long Island, New York. Staff Engineer for research and engineering support during multimedia compliance audit for potential buyer.

Environmental Cost Estimating Litigation: Redevelopment Site, Law Firm, Washington, D.C. Project Manager to support counsel for plaintiffs in contesting the validity and technical defensibility of an environmental remediation cost estimate conducted for a group of properties in an urban industrial area. 

PRP Cleanup Cost Allocation: Municipal Landfill, Law Firm, Northern New Jersey. Staff Engineer to support counsel for a PRP sub-group at a municipal landfill where hazardous waste was dumped illegally by a former waste hauler.

RCRA Site Remediation Litigation Support: Casting Facility, Law Firm, New York. Staff Engineer to support counsel for former owner of a die casting facility in supporting position that chlorinated solvent contamination at the site did not originate from their client's tenure of operation at the site.

CERCLA Litigation at Industrial Site: Adhesives Manufacturing Plant, Law Firm, Albany, New York. Staff Engineer to support counsel for the former owners of an adhesive manufacturing facility in defending against demand by current site owner for full reimbursement of past and future environmental investigation and remediation costs stemming from non-halogenated solvent contamination in soil and groundwater.

OSHA Environmental Health and Safety Program: Municipal Government, Long Island, New York. Project Manager for the development of a program for municipal employees working at the site landfill or otherwise involved with managing hazardous materials.

Corporate Health and Safety Planning: Emergency Response Contractor, Long Island, New York..

Health and Safety Planning for Landfill Closure: Confidential Client, Several Landfill Sites, New York. Staff Engineer for the development of site-specific health and safety plans and perimeter air monitoring plans for contractors engaged in closing several municipal landfills.

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